The 4 Best Asian Restaurants in Eastern Iowa

The 4 BEST Asian Restaurants in Eastern Iowa

The 4 Best Asian restaurants in eastern Iowa I have gone to and remember the most because of their great taste and service are China Café Davenport, Huhot Mongolian Davenport, Golden Wok DeWitt, and Kings Buffet Clinton IA. I will also leave a brief review on Dynasty Buffet and its current situation.

Golden Wok DeWitt IA

The first one I want to talk about, is the most local to me, Golden Wok. It is in Dewitt IA in the downtown area. I find it to be respectful and polite staff. But I will not lie my favorite part is their crab ragoons. As I have pointed out in my review of restaurants in North Carolina, what we Iowans call crab ragoons, at the restaurant red bowl Asian bistro in North Carolina they call cheese crispy wonton. Now, these crab ragoons I find to have a good crispy taste.

 The cream inside is much better than your normal cream at other restaurants. Along with the crab ragoons, the size of your serving at dinner is enormous. Good enough to always have a left-over dinner for later that week. One of my favorite dinners is the garlic beef with shrimp. I find the garlic taste to be excellent with the good buttery shrimp, and juicy beef. It comes with a variety of vegetables. For a good look at their menu go to

HuHot Mongolian Grill

HuHot Mongolian a friend just told me about and I went to try it out. It was a new type of place to me. You added fresh ingredients like meat, noodle, vegetables, and the sauce you wish it to be cooked in and you take it to the teppanyaki grill. The grill is in an open space, making it so that you can watch as they cook your food. . I was skeptical at first because I had never been to a place using that kind of grill. But I was proven 100% wrong. Once cooked the food was unbelievably good. The food was great, and they did a wonderful job of cooking the food. 

.  The food was great, and they did a wonderful job of cooking the food. Now I will point out, that I used two bowls, one for meat and the second one for everything else. That was not necessary, one bowl would have been fine. The server who helped me with my drink was very polite and was great at not leaving me hanging when I needed a refill on my drink. Here is a link to their website

China café

Now the China café I went to on a date with my girlfriend. It is a small place. With well mannered and humble staff. I got a Mongolian beef dinner. To me, it was good not as much as the place in DeWitt served but not less than needed for a good dinner. The place was quiet. I found the food to be delicious and fulfilling. Here is a link to their website

King Buffet

Now let’s talk about buffets. As a result of being a kidney transplant recipient, I cannot eat buffets and have not for the last 4 years. But the last time I ate here it was outstanding food. King Buffet in Clinton IA. Here is their address 2418 Virginia Ave suite A, Clinton IA 52732, and phone number (563)-243-6888, since they don’t have a website. Now service wise you don’t talk or do anything involving the staff besides paying. Which I find as a downside to eating out.

The food I eat there is good, and my favorite is a crispy egg roll. Now they have two diverse types of egg rolls on your basic egg roll but the other I find to be unoriginally crunchy with a different structure than your basic one. To me it is unbelievable, and I love it. The sugar cookies they serve as a dessert I enjoy and use their Chocolate pudding to dip the sugar cookie into.


Dynasty Buffet

This last one is the dynasty buffet located in Davenport IA, at 5388 Elmore Ave. The last time I had eaten there it was reasonable food and like Kings buffet, it has been over 4 years because of being a Kidney transplant patient. This Asian restaurant in eastern Iowa has now been on the news after an inspection by the Iowa health department and is reported to have mold, sewage, and rotten carcasses, along with other filth. My fingers are crossed that the last time I went it wasn’t like this. But here is a link to an article with more detail if you are going to eastern Iowa and are looking for Asian food I highly recommend you to not go there for your health and safety.  

Check out  for information on restaurants in North Carolina.

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